1- Health
* Capacity building (Information, education, communication, training) of school children, etc:
  • STIs and HIV/AIDS reproductive health;
  • Health of children, youth and adolescents;
  • Promotion and facilitation of access to health care and various treatments

* Assistance and counselling

2- Gender and development
  • Capacity building of community-based associations involved in the education of the girl child (literacy, STIs and HIV/AIDS/reproductive health…) ;
  • Support to the creation of female youth associations;
  • Support to the training and social integration of teenage and/or single mothers;

3- Ethical values and human rights
  • Legal support;
  • Family mediation in school environment;
  • Traditional values;
  • Promotion and protection of the rights of orphans

4- Direct assistance
  • Assistance to literacy and education;
  • Provision and/or lease of learning documents;
  • Assistance in the provision of essential products;
  • Support to the creation of income generating activities by youth in rural areas;
  • Promotion of the socio-economic re-integration of disabled children

5- Documentation and resource centre
  • Distribution of educative newspapers and fliers;
  • On-the-spot consultation of documents;
  • Educative movies and documentaries
  • ICTs (Internet)…