• The Children and Youth Home envisages the future of the youth through their overall follow up at an early stage.
  • The Children and Youth Home recognizes the positive impact of education, in it’s the various forms and in the different areas of activity, on children and youth.
  • The Children and Youth Home recognizes that beyond cultural and economic wealth, there are deep-rooted inequalities that further affect the situation of vulnerable social groups (situations we all witness on a daily basis), and believes that restoring psychological equilibrium, in terms of well being, requires the reduction of the social divide which aggravates human sufferances.
  • The Children and Youth Home views the family as the ideal setting for the psychological, moral and intellectual development of children and, in this respect, believes that they should be supported in view of providing them a plan for the future. Hence, The Children and Youth Home will do all within its means to carry out the different activities contributing to the health and well-being of children through:
    • assistance, education, guidance and training;
    • access to prevention, treatment, support to children with health problems;
    • fight against economic and social factors that exacerbate poverty in rural areas;
    • promotion and respect of children’s rights;
    • mobilization of skills for the training of youth;